Since it’s beggining, Foundation Together Polska sends volunteers to different countries in order to contribute to teh developpment of european civic society. In the frames of European Voluntary Service, young people can go to a foreign country and get new professional, intercultural and interpersonal experience.  Till now, Together Polska has send 6 volunteers to Jerusalem, Macedonia, and Luxembourg.

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Dates: November 2009 – June 2010

Volunteers: Agata, Robert

small_picture_news_eurostepAs a Polish-based organization, we still remember well the hopes and challenges of 6 years ago, when Poland was preparing to accede to  the European Union. The promise of change filled our hearts with expectation, and we have not forgotten the exhilaration of the first months following Poland’s accession, when windows of opportunity suddenly opened for young people thanks to the changes in the understanding of youth policy, non-formal education and citizenship brought about by the EU.

Today the time has come to share our experience with others, in the hope that our expertise will serve to develop their own society the way it helped to develop ours. The duty of the volunteers who started their service in Macedonia in November 2009, is to assist in the launching of a public European Youth Information Center in the northwestern city of Tetovo, which provides local young with a reliable source of information on educational programs available to youth across Europe.

The project also involves regular workshops at schools and universities, in an aim to educate young people about the EU and its structures, as well as to promote a new understanding of citizenship and active participation in society. CPP’s hosting organization works to support groups and individuals in their further education and professional development.


“Dialogue of Cultures”

Dates: February – October 2009

Volunteers: Marcelina, Ula

small_picture_evs2Some years ago, when Poland was still candidating to EU Accession, youth projects were mostly Europe-centered. Now we believe that the horizon of our activity should broaden. In order to create and improve the dialogue and common understanding across cultures, Fundacja Together Polska has decided to work on Europe – EuroMed relation. We have agreed that also Poland has its place in this relation that sometimes might be called ‘difficult’. Besides, we think that Poland needs some advocacy concerning  arabic and muslim culture, and our relation with it.

This EVS project was a follow-up to the co-operation between Spafford Children Center and Foundation Together Polska, which was first established in 2008 during the Year of Intercultural Dialogue. As it is our organization’s mission to promote global education and international solidarity, we decided to dedicate our efforts to the strengthening of communication and dialogue between the young people of Poland and Palestine.

Two volunteers – Marcelina and Ula went Jerusalem – Old City in order to work with TFP’s Partner: Spafford Children Center. The main public of this organisation are Palestinians living in East-Jerusalem. During 9 months our volunteers were working for already established cultural department, where they assisted in organizing and running activities with children and youth, such as theatre, dancing, library, and circus workshops, introducing their own creative ideas and suggestions, as well as learning from the existing team of experienced young professionals and volunteers.

The main objective of the project was to add an international dimension to the work of SCC and to give the target group and the local community an opportunity to learn more about Europe. Thanks to the international volunteers, the organization was be able to learn about European habits, customs and cultures, while the volunteers themselves experienced the life in a multi-ethnic community and got to know, and very intimately at that, the largely unknown Palestinian culture. The main theme of the project, therefore, was the DIALOGUE OF CULTURES, which we wish to promote not through verbal discussion, but by direct ACTION: by working and learning together.

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The project is supported by ‘Youth In Action’ programme.